mcgill university / fall 2018 / 4 months
in collaboration with: kevin lehoux
instructor: morgan carter
The project is located in the hinge area between Pointe St Charles and the rest of Montreal, and therefore is an ever-moving, fast-paced area. The aim of the project is to create a discourse which will reduce the pace at which we move and ground us back to the area we live in.
Through providing different frames of view throughout the building, both inside and out, the experience of space is altered. The play of materiality through space and void creates varied experiences, whether you are walking by on the street, cycling on the bike path, or in the centre of the inner centre of the building.
The program for the community centre is focused on wellness, in both physical and mental connotations. Expanding on the opportunity already provided by the pools, the added program aims to help people be active and take care of their minds and bodies, whether it be through relaxing in the library or café, utilizing the gym and yoga spaces, or going to a massage treatment or physiotherapy. These spaces acknowledges that wellness varies from person to person, and therefore the levels of privacy increase at each floor level.
This architecture doesn’t aim to revolutionize. Its austere expression, composed of a simple fanning system and discrete interaction between materials keeps the building simple, directing the focus internally towards the people using the spaces. 
We hope that people, within our architecture, will find a space of peace within the chaos of the city, and eventually let the essence of our ideology transpire beyond our building to all aspects of their daily lives.
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